Awards & Recognitions


*WINNER* Best of Short - Imagen Award

Imagen Foundation (2020)


American Pavilion's "Emerging Filmmaker's Showcase" 

at the Cannes Film Festival

*WINNER* Silver Image Award

Reeling Chicago International Film Festival

*WINNER* Best of Short (Audience Award)

aGLIFF, Austin

*WINNER* Best of Short Drama

Sedona International Film Festival

*WINNER* Best Screenplay

TIDE Film Festival, Brooklyn

*WINNER* Best Short

Festival Mix, Mexico City

*WINNER* Best of Short

QFilms Long Beach

*WINNER* Best Director

QFilms Long Beach

*WINNER* Honorable Mention (Jury Honor)

Shorts Mexico

*WINNER* Best Short 

Highland Park Independent Film Festival

*WINNER* Special Commendation (Jury Award)

Washington DC International Film Festival

*WINNER* 2nd Place (Jury Award)

Out Film Connecticut LGBTQ Film Festival

*WINNER* Best Short 

Changing Face Film Festival


*WINNER*  10 Best Short Films of 2018* 

Remezcla Magazine

*WINNER* Best of Fest Screening

Outfest Film Festival

*WINNER* Best Short 

Independent Shorts Awards

*WINNER*  Best Actor Luis Aldana 

Independent Shorts Awards

*WINNER*  Award of Excellence

Accolade Global Competition

*WINNER*  Best Short Honorable Mention

Highland Park International Film Festival

*NOMINATED*  Best Short 

Official Latino Film Festival

*NOMINATED* Best Actor Luis Aldana

Official Latino Film Festival)

*NOMINATED*  Best Actor Matias Ponce 

Feel The Reel International Film Festival

*NOMINATED*  Best Screenplay Miguel Angel Caballero 

Feel The Reel International Film Festival

*FINALIST*   Best Short 

Changing Face International Film Festival

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